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Green Hills with Blue Sky


Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.  Today you are my special guest, and you are one step closer to having a new life where you are empowered and uplifted.  I am honored to embark with you on your journey to true wholeness. Maybe you desire individual counseling for a history of unresolved emotional pain, a recent trauma or common life troubles.
Maybe you
 are struggling in your marriage and are ready to learn how to love better, forgive and experience the joy that is available when "two become one."  Perhaps you are here becasue of painful family issues that you are ready to face and work through.  No matter what has brought you to this place, I am excited you are here taking this courageous step.


Please be sure to visit the "Meet Dr. Lyons" link to learn more about me as a Christ-Centered psychotherapist, speaker and trainer. Take some time to review the various pages and learn more about my counseling practice and the ministry services I provide.  You may also send me an appointment request or call the number listed on this site to schedule an appointment.  

Love and Blessings,
Dr. Sarita



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