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 This is not your mother's tupperware party!  THERAPartY is a fun and interactive group therapy experience in the comfort of your home, organization, place of worship or business.  The best part is that I come to you!  You will be the coolest host in town by offering your friends, family, and colleagues a life changing experience that is informative, exciting, and personal.  It's so much fun, you'll forget you were receiving benefits similar to those gained in therapy.  Take your watercooler talk, girlfriend chats, parking lot discussions, and family meetings to another level.  We all need to be heard, understood and given an opportunity to explore our sacred issues and find solutions to living a better life. Given this truth, why not do it with the assistance of a professional that can help bring out the best in any group.  Together we can tackle some of life's most difficult questions and challenges.  

THERAParty experience is a personal, productive and party-like atmosphere, where group members can explore topics such as:
  • how to strengthen groups and organizaitons,
  • cultivate creativity and increase motivation, defining your purpose and vision,
  • learn how to have influence and promote positive change in yourself and others,
  • self-care, achieving balance, relaxation, and personal wellness, forgiveness
  • conflict resolution, dealing with anger, overcoming fear, how to love, intimcacy and sexuality 
  • achieving healthy relationships, dating skills, marriage restoration, friendship building and maintenance
  • loving yourself and others, redefining true beauty and living your best life.  
You can cover these topics and so much more, all while engaging in hands-on experiential exercises and discussions.  If there is a topic that you want your THERAPartY to focus on, each THERAPartY experience can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.  At the THERAPartY experience people have been known to dance, laugh, meditate, draw, sing, act, share, cry, cheer and grow.  No one will forget this wonderfully fun experience.

Contact me to book your THERAPartY experience today!  

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